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As a CEO, Anton Mishin Is Using His Business Prowess & Passion for Russia to Put Proscom on the Map as a Leading Tech Firm: GoodFirms

Incorporated in 2013 and based in Russia, Proscom provides adaptive and high-end UI layout, web and mobile applications development for government institutions, enterprises, and Hi-Tech startups. The organization's verbal symbol is "pro," associated with expertise, uplift, and advance. "PRO" is simple but vast, and the most vital thing being that it indicates “moving towards the future.”

Proscom holds a team of professionals, incorporating 3PRO values in the root. With each project taken, the experts stick to being prospective, productive and determined. The GoodFirms team approached Anton Mishin, the CEO of Proscom, to know more about the company, its standard of work, and its flourishing services.

Starting with the interview, Anton cites that the successful track record of Proscom comes down to their unique business model as an incubator and accelerator of digital outcomes. The professionals at Proscom are productive. This simple identifier has become a cliche among businesses, for a reason: the team's ability to manage deadlines.

Anton explains more about this funda by saying it is a blind shot if deadlines cannot guarantee corresponding quality. Therefore, the specialists care about clients' timings and requirements just as they are. Thus, the team strives to deliver unprecedented results just in time and do whatever it takes for this.

Anton has an investment in the broader capability of the organization in terms of leadership, technology, and the tools professionals had to use. Successfully rendering services to clients since its inception, Proscom is now looking forward to setting its global footprint.

Currently, the company employs 60+ professionals and has the entire cycle of IT production competencies from business and product analysis to complex backend and big data analytics. As a CEO, Anton is mainly engaged in managing the strategic vector of development, working with key clients and partners, and rethinking as well as reengineering the key processes.

Further, Anton describes the story behind the commencement of business by asserting that the roots of Proscom do not sprout from the IT market. They started with reports and infographics and got closer to IT and development towards the end of the second year of its inception.

Having accumulated a specific portfolio of completed works, design expertise, and contacts with clients, Proscom's experts tried a new niche for themselves— developing interfaces for analytical systems.

Explaining more about the approach stated above, Anton beams that the principles of data visualization are very similar in infographics and interfaces, so the team was able to re-use their strengths to enter the interface market.

Moreover, in the following years, the team followed the same tactic, carefully groping for nearby niches that would allow them to rely on what they have already learned to do above the market. "The one-third of the project portfolio is occupied by analytical solutions," explains Anton.

When asked about the business model, Anton states that in search of a role that was "anchored in persistence," he first learned about the business and its people before kicking off a strategic analysis. Proscom's business model does not increase direct and indirect personnel costs no matter what market products the team produces.

He elaborates more by mentioning that Proscom works a lot with large businesses and state-owned companies. Among their requests for the development of digital products, tools that work “inside” prevail. These are not customer-oriented applications but applications that automate internal business processes and allow employees to perform their work more efficiently and interact.

Coming to the most in-demand services rendered by Proscom, Anton divulges that they deliver cutting-edge design solutions to enterprises of a nationwide scale for years. The professionals pay massive attention to the very sense of each element they design that can explain its purposes and show clients the positive difference in advance by being broadly trained in projecting solutions for the hard-headed populace.

Proscom offers the most desirable and interactive visual specimen of clients' future applications. The professional business analysts create a conceptual design of how and what clients' applications will look like by understanding client requirements, converting them into mockups, sharing prototypes with clients, taking feedback, and then starting the project.

The app designers work toward creating high-fidelity prototypes that fully allow the clients to envision their product. For this, the creative team uses the best prototyping tools to test the mobile app designs. Moreover, Proscom holds an expert team of business analysts who meticulously analyze clients' projects and create a perfect specimen of the final design.

Thus, armed with such an able team of designers, GoodFirms has ranked Proscom as one of Russia's best mobile app design companies.

The review obtained at GoodFirms reflects the quality of app designs curated at Proscom.

Talking about the resources, Anton says that it is always strictly in-house. Proscom does not out staff people; it always takes on a full-fledged layer of work. This means that experts must manage quality, which is impossible with an intermediary model, and invest in the specialists' culture, motivation, and development.

The professionals constantly try to be in good shape, monitor both the quality of the design/development and client service. Anton explains the above statement by saying that playing for a long time and establishing connections with key clients becomes essential.

Since its inception, Proscom promises to produce cutting-edge mobile app development services in every industry. Serving clients from reputed brands, the mobile app developers have grown remarkably to deliver the full range of mobile services. The experts' team holds a notable presence among Moscow's top mobile app developers for developing the most modern and interactive interfaces.

No technology is left untouched as the experts adopt trends that change with time and user demands and have worked with infinite mobile application development possibilities. Anton further explains that among all the other mobile application development service providers, what sets Proscom apart is the end-to-end solution to create a novel mobile experience across multiple platforms, devices, and OS versions, with continued care and maintenance to respond to clients' short-term and long-term needs.

Concluding the interview, Anton mentions that the organization had a hybrid work schedule with a manageable start of the working day even before the pandemic. The professional geeks have the opportunity to take a nap on the couch or hammock in any of the offices in the middle of the day to reboot and increase their productivity.

In general, the organization does everything to ensure that the clients receive a motivated and involved team interested in creating efficient solutions.

Besides this, Proscom had many clients from the educational, public, and HR sectors. The firm has accumulated good expertise there, and the professionals understand and see many pitfalls, which allow them to make hot starts for projects in these industries.

Lastly, Anton ends by saying that Proscom holds a good recognition in creating analytical systems/solutions. The experts are moving towards diversification, offering customers design systems and developing a more comprehensive range of services which will take time to gain a foothold in Proscom's portfolio.

Thus, having read Anton Mishin's interview summary, one can know more about Proscom from the detailed interview at GoodFirms.

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